The Stories Of The Bible For Children

Children's Story Corner

Welcome to our children's story corner where we tell the great stories of the bible for children.

Here you will find some of the most well known stories from David and Goliath to Jonna and everything in between.

At New Life Christian Fellowship Center we believe it is important that our children know these stories and the morals behind them. The bible is filled with motivational words and examples of how God loves us.

Browse the stories below, share them with your children and if you are in the area, consider our youth group programs where we help guide our youth on the right path to salvation and caring for other people.

David And Goliath


The story of David and Goliath is a powerful story of faith and bravery. We follow David, a small shepherds boy whose faith in God did not waiver even in the face of danger. He trusted in the Lord and saved the day!

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Noah's Ark


In this episode we explore the story of Noah and the Ark that God had him build in order to save himself, his family and the animals of the world. This is a great story and example of how faith and doing what is right will always save you.

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